• The more you know, the more you’ll sell.

    Soft Credit Pulls, available in Dominion’s DealActivator, provides real-time knowledge of Service Drive customers in an equity position – whether they previously bought from you or not.

    This dynamic feature pre-screens your customer’s credit in real-time without the need of customer consent, social security number, or date of birth. It’s quick, easy, and does not affect the customer’s credit score in any way.

DealActivator uses its proprietary algorithms to match the auto loan data with the vehicle being serviced. It then calculates credit tier, equity class, vehicle value, and identifies on-the-lot inventory that can be sold today – all based on the dealer’s own, custom profit settings. Learn more on how to earn more today!


    Fully compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA),
    the law governing Soft Credit Pulls


    Credit info seen only in DealActivator® by those
    with dealership permission to view.


    Dealers select their own profit parameters,
    including the credit tiers of their choice.


    Calculates wholesale value of current vehicle and
    replacement vehicles from real inventory.


    For a limited, introductory period, sign up now with NO up-front costs.
    Simply pay per credit pull!

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  • Dominion’s Soft Credit Pulls:

    • Pre-screen credit in real-time
    • Do not require SSN, DOB, or prospect’s consent
    • Meet full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
    • Calculate credit tier, equity class, and vehicle value
    • Match prospect with best of on-the-lot inventory
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