Why work with multiple vendors if you don't have to?

Dominion Dealer Solutions is Your Results-Driven Provider for a Full Suite of GM iMR Turnkey Solutions

GM Vehicle Fleet

With Dominion, you can trust your iMR funds are being used to drive visible results for your dealership.

Think Social Ads Don't Work?

Harness the Hypertargeting Power of Facebook

Dominion helps you harness the power of Facebook & Instagram to hypertarget shoppers at every phase of the customer life cycle.

Are you paying too much for your CRM?

The Most GM Integrations on the CRM Market

Dominion's Web ControlTM has more GM integrations than any other provider. It is a cost-effective and intuitive solution your employees will love to use.

Stop staring at your aged inventory.

The Best Equity Lead Generation Solution

Dominion's award-winning equity mining solution, DealActivator, matches aged inventory to the most qualified equity customers in your database.

Need professional merchandising help?

A Complete Set of Management & Merchandising Solutions

Our seasoned experts streamline your inventory management and showcase your vehicles with high quality photos and videos.

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