• It’s been exactly one month since Google put its new search algorithm in place, and Brightedge.com reports that the non-mobile-friendly share of Search Engine Results Pages has decreased by a drastic 21%.

    Have you noticed:

    • A change in your search ranking?
    • A dip in your traffic?
    • Fewer incoming leads?
  • The Really Great News

  • Don’t worry: we can help.

    We are still offering a complimentary review of your entire web presence, and will identify any needed steps to restore search rankings, website traffic, and online leads to previous levels.

Ensure that your dealership is Mobilegeddon-proof!


    A complete review of the top seven and most common errors made in Mobile SEO. This list is straight from Google’s Mobile SEO Guide (we just make it easy to understand and take action!)

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    A complimentary review of your entire web presence (website(s), reputation management, social media, SEO and search marketing, etc), including Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Mobile Friendly Test.