Industry Exclusive! Now Get the Data You Need
to Easily Measure Market Performance.

Powerful Market Data is Now Part of Dominion Inventory Manager

To help you accurately measure market performance and know where you stand in the market, we’ve integrated Cross-Sell Interactive into our comprehensive Dominion Inventory Manager. Cross-Sell Interactive, the industry’s best automotive data resource, provides deep, robust and timely data to help you assess the market, evaluate performance and drive better results.

With Cross-Sell market data integrated into Dominion Inventory Manager, you get instant access to:

  • Identify the best-selling vehicles

  • Identify competitors conquesting your market

  • Identify the best places to target your advertising dollars

  • With Cross-Sell Interactive, you get:

    • Unlimited chart and graphs
    • Market-based vehicle sales data
    • Customizable dashboard widgets
    • DMV title registration
    • Customized segments (city, zip code or county)
    • Ability to track specific makes, models, imports or domestics

    Get the data you need
    to know where you stand in the market.

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