Transform Your Dealership with Dominion.

NADA 2018 | March 22nd - 25th | Las Vegas Convention Center

Transform Your Dealership with Dominion.

NADA 2018 | March 22nd - 25th
Las Vegas Convention Center

Talk to a product specialist about the future of dealership technology.

Our focus has been centered on innovation this past year to ensure we can play our best hand at this year's conference. With a brand new DMS & CRM, an improved equity solution, and exciting updates to our Inventory and Digital offerings, there’s only one booth you need to visit - Dominion Dealer Solutions'.

Is your DMS helping or hurting your dealership?

Introducing Dominion VUE DMS! The solution the industry has been expecting is here and it’s built to transform the way your dealership does business.

  • Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and runs on your favorite browser
  • Robust 3rd-party integrations with minimal cost
  • Complete DMS with advanced reporting and business metrics
  • End-to-end Fixed Ops solution

Is your CRM prepped for the future or falling behind?

Introducing Dominion Vision CRM!With built-in texting and video email, Dominion Vision is the most consumer-focused CRM on the market.

  • High-level visibility of sales & customer activity
  • Integrates with Dominion DealActivator
  • Directly connect to customers' phones - no need for a 3rd party
  • Configurable dashboards meet specific needs
  • Fully-integrated desking tool

Is your Equity Mining Solution easy to use or complicated?

DealActivator is new and improved! Our latest update to the Dashboard provides prescriptive analytics. You’ll never ask, “who should I call today?”

  • Uses advanced algorithms to rank prospects in order of viability
  • See your top prospects on your dashboard right when you log in
  • Work your top equity prospects all from one screen
  • Simplify your to-do list

Are you using one or multiple vendors for your marketing needs?

Dominion Digital Marketing is an all-one-solution that spans  from website technology to managed digital services. Trust our experts to drive results and provide transparent reporting.

  • Facebook Ads hypertarget shoppers in every phase of the buying cycle
  • Utilize responsive design email designed to maximize floor traffic and improve service drive revenue
  • Prime Response® is proven to increase reviews and star ratings

Are your vehicles merchandised to win or lose the sale?

Dominion Dealer Specialties’ Lot Services professionals bring over 25+ years of experience to the table.

  • Our reps can take pictures anytime and aren't tied to weekly visits
  • Enjoy our customized merchandising plans
  • We'll ensure your vehicles have the right photos, videos, comments, and price to win the sale

Come see the future of dealership technology

Dominion Dealer Solutions
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