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Wolfe Automotive Group Motivates Employees and Closes More Deals with Dominion Vision™ CRM


The Wolfe Automotive Group was searching for a CRM that was customizable for all employees but also had a way to standardize reporting and measure performance across the dealership. Having that duel capability was a critical decision point in the search for a CRM that would generate the most productivity out of the sales team. Director of Dealer Services, Craig Misak,  stressed that most of the CRMs they considered would have made the dealership conform to the software, rather than the other way around and they wanted their final choice of CRM to break the mold in that aspect.



Among multiple other CRMs vying for Wolfe Automotive’s partnership, Vision CRM came out on top and proved to be the most popular vote from among the dealership employees, Misak explains. The ability to tailor dashboards and work processes for individual sales reps was a major win for the dealership and in return fueled a positive employee work ethic. Misak states, “Sometimes too much information is a bad thing. Vision allows us to narrow down exactly what we want the reps to see and focus on, and that results in greater productivity.” The positive distinction of Vision CRM in comparison to other CRMs on the market Misak observed is that the software begins with the question, “Who needs customer service next?” Rather than starting with the common question of, “Who is going to buy a car next?” Taking this customer centric approach has allowed Wolfe Automotive to focus on their customers’ needs and purposely position their sales team around them.


Misak states, “We can build the most specific and intentional workflows but people are still human and things will fall through the cracks.” Vision CRM’s virtual assistant, “Olivia,” has aided in the search for unattended customers and acts as a backup for opportunities that would have otherwise been lost. “We love Olivia!” Misak enthusiastically expresses. Most importantly, Wolfe Automotive’s employees’ excitement and productivity about using the CRM has skyrocketed, and Dominion Vision is utilized daily and aids in each and every vehicle sale.

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