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Sell More Cars with Enhanced Inventory Merchandising Solutions

Everything you need all from one vendor.

The foundation of any automotive dealership is the inventory. In order to get noticed, vehicles must be available where consumers are shopping, be priced to sell, and merchandised with engaging stories.

Classified Listings Premium

Share your listings with millions on Craigslist.

Easily manage Craigslist listings from inside Dominion Inventory Manager. Classified Listings Premium helps car dealers quickly get inventory in front of millions of online shoppers.

We have a Classified Listings Premium package for every size dealership. Just define your monthly budget and target markets and we’ll handle the rest.


Vehicles posted on Craigslist sell 10 days faster than those not listed.

Cross-Sell Dealer Summary

Competitive automotive market data.

With up-to-date data inside your car inventory software, Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Reports help you understand the nature of your competition and the dynamics and trends of the marketplace. Analyze sales by dealership name, city, and total number of vehicles sold.

Available in Dominion Inventory Manager for ALL 50 STATES!

Dominion StoryBuilder®

Transform data into vehicle stories that sell.

Within minutes of entering a vehicle into Dominion Inventory Manager, Dominion StoryBuilder, our automated vehicle commenting engine, instantly transforms vehicle specific data into engaging stories for online car shoppers.

Dominion Storybuilder helps you sell more cars by:

  • Rebuilding stories instantly to drive fresh content and to help improve SEO
  • Targeting likely buyers of specific vehicles using proven keywords
  • Driving better Vehicle Details Page (VDP) and Search Results Page (SRP) results


Storybuilder helps dealerships sell New vehicles 26% faster and Used vehicles 33% faster.*

*Study conducted Jan 1 – Dec 12, 2016 for 1,173,401 vehicles with Dominion StoryBuilder comments compared to 4,363,483 vehicles without.

New Car Incentives

Industry leading incentives rules manager.

OEM rebates and incentives are automatically accessible from within Dominion Inventory Manager and instantly applied to prices, photos, comments and overlays. Real-time updates are automatically syndicated to all websites and portals.

Eliminate the guesswork and hassle of keeping up with incentives and competitively price your new vehicles to capture online car shoppers.

Vehicle Reconditioning

Identify bottlenecks and stop profit leaks.


The average days-in-service cost for reconditioning is estimated to be around $40/day


Dominion Recon inside Dominion Inventory Manager lets you track and manage the entire reconditioning process from your desktop or mobile device. See how long vehicles take at each step, streamline the process, and get your vehicles front-line ready faster.

  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Track workflow and accountability
  • Alert and deploy resources at the right time

DIY Vehicle Video

Create and distribute your own vehicle videos.

LiveLot DIY allows you take live video of any vehicle in your inventory from a smartphone, camera or other recording device, and upload it instantly to our video production platform.

  • Upload video to be encoded and produced and posted on your dealership’s website or Facebook page. You can also choose to syndicate the video to 3rd-party sites, all in one simple step.
  • Automatically incorporate overlays, marketing, and branding messages into your video on your dealership’s behalf.
  • Re-record your video, as needed, to eliminate any unwanted background sounds, like wind or traffic noise.

Want a fully-managed video marketing campaign?
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