Digital Dashboard

Dominion Dashboard

Simplify Management Across Your Expanding Digital Presence.

Dominion DashboardDo you have a single view into all of our digital marketing initiatives? How do you track all of the different reports you get and measure that data to find true ROI?

At Dominion, we pride ourselves in transparency and trust. Our Dashboard provides an easy, one-stop location to view key metrics related to your website, inventory, reputation and social media products. The Dominion Dashboard makes it easy to gain full visibility and instant access to manage all your digital activities with one click.

With Dominion Dashboard, you get:

  • Simplified management across your expanded web presence
  • A clear correlation between marketing activities and your site traffic
  • The ability to determine if changes are needed to optimize your marketing and merchandising effectiveness

With a singular data source, you get accurate and consistent reporting for all of your digital marketing channels.