• 5 Ways to Close More Equity Leads in Your CRM

    Make Your CRM Smarter

    During this month’s webinar, dealers will learn the importance of integrating their equity solution and CRM. Jeff Ornell, Director of Equity Solutions for DealActivator, will explain how to utilize past customer data to create opportunities from sales or service customers.

    Dealers attending this webinar will learn how to:

    • Mine equity data for service opportunities directly through the CRM
    • Capitalize on the “low hanging fruit” opportunities that exist within their customer base
    • Increase revenue by integrating equity tools with an existing CRM

    Attendees will also receive an exclusive look at Dominion Dealer Solutions’ NEW Autobase and DealActivator integration. Potential equity opportunities are shown in priority order, making it easy to prevent equity customers from slipping through the cracks. See all of the benefits of this latest integration during the webinar. John Hardacre, Product Manager for Dominion Autobase, will be on hand to answer questions related to this integration.

Our Speakers:

  • John Hardacre

    Jeff Ornell

    Director of Equity Solutions · DealActivator

    Jeff Ornell joined Dominion Dealer Solutions in 2012 and is the Director of Equity Solutions for DealActivator. Jeff has over 18 years in the automotive industry including 16 years in the dealership setting in both the sales and finance departments. In his current role, Jeff works with both the DDS sales team and OEM teams to engage in and support strategies. Jeff’s extensive background as Director of Finance helped prepare him to maximize results to dealerships for increased sales, profit, customer retention, increased trade cycles, and CSI.
  • John Hardacre

    John Hardacre

    Product Manager · Dominion Autobase

    John Hardacre, Product Manager for Dominion Autobase, started in Automotive CRM in 1998. He has worked with thousands of dealership personnel over the years and continues to work with dealerships and manufacturers to understand their pain points and craft software solutions that will lead to success. John holds certificates as a Scrum Alliance’s Product Owner, a Scrum Master, and in Pragmatic Marketing.