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Are You In Complete Control of Your Inventory Merchandising?


Photos, Videos, and So Much More

Your professional merchandising specialist and dealership photographer will deliver consistent, quality service customized for your business. Our on-site services include:

  • Comprehensive inventory data and photo collection
  • VIN decoding with data set updates from DataOne Software
  • Daily distribution of inventory updates to your dealership website, 600+ data distribution partners, online classifieds and more
  • Custom photography based on dealer-specified photography requirements for quantity and staging
  • Custom photo clipping, overlays and branding
  • Custom window labels and buyer’s guides
  • Access to robust Inventory Management Solution

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Create a great first impression and increase brand recognition.


Photos, videos, custom window labels, overlays, and more set your inventory apart from thecompetition.


Manage and merchandise your inventory the way you want – Full Service, Hybrid or DIY.

Give Every Vehicle a Strong Competitive Advantage


Vehicle Video
10 or more photos knitted together to create a video slideshow


Live Video
Full 360° interior and exterior walk around video


Dominion StoryBuilder
Instantly create engaging vehicle stories for all new and used vehicles on your lot

Dominion Dealer Specialties is the nation’s leading provider of inventory management and inventory merchandising solutions for franchise and independent car dealers across the country.

Your personal dealership photographer will make sure you receive the professional photographs you need in a timely manner, so you can use these images to promote your dealership across all facets of your vehicle merchandising. Fill out the form to learn how Dominion Dealer Specialties Lot Services can help you take complete control of your inventory - on your terms.