We do the MATH
You count the MONEY
We do the MATH
You count the MONEY

Dominion DealActivator’s all new user dashboard is powered by prescriptive analytics that utilize advanced mathematical formulas to rank equity prospects. Your priorities are set, all you need to do is sell.

Demo our transformed equity mining solution today!

How weve enhanced Dominion DealActivator

How we've enhanced Dominion DealActivator:

1. Pre-Calculated Equity Opportunities

DealActivator's advanced prescriptive algorithm gives sales reps a holistic view of top equity customers as soon as they log in to the User Dashboard.

With top opportunities available the moment sales reps enter the software, they'll spend less time data mining the database and more time selling.


2. A Dashboard Built for Managers

Get a simplistic yet deep understanding of how each sales rep is performing as well as an at-a-glance view of the whole dealership's performance.

Understand how your dealership's usage of DealActivator ranks against other dealerships using the solution, as well as letter grades for reps that highlight the strongest performers.


3. Integration with Dominion Vision CRM

DealActivator integrates with our new Dominion Vision CRM so that users of the CRM can work their equity leads and access a vehicle’s equity information all on one screen.

Log in to the equity portion of the CRM and you’ll be greeted with a Priority Page of customers to call that day - without having to leave the CRM.

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