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Dominion Dealer Solutions is redefining retail with end-to-end technology solutions built by visionaries who see beyond the challenges of today, to deliver flexible, customizable solutions that grow with your dealership and generate results the competition can’t match. Our Progressive Retail Solutions™ keep you in control and always connected to your employees, your processes and your customers.

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      • Four Ways to Maximize the Ownership Experience from Your Service Drive

        By: Dana Blommel, Product Marketing Manager When considering opportunities to create profitable, sustainable growth in your dealership’s service drive, there are obvious areas of focus such as: improving efficiency, fixed ops sales, and increasing customer volume. What doesn’t come to mind is the ownership experience. Many dealers believe that having the lowest price is what […]

      • Maximize your Income by Learning to Maximize your CRM

        By: Dana Blommel, Product Marketing Manager Maximize Your Profits by Maximizing Your CRM Your CRM can be one of the biggest contributors to your dealership’s profit margin. As the heartbeat of your dealership’s customer data and the source of your lead management program, its usage is essential to managing your dealership’s sales operation. However, current […]

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Using our custom-designed Dealer Software and Services, we work with you to transform your challenges into wins and conquer your market. Dominion’s total dealership solution includes web-based automotive CRM and dealer management systems, responsive dealer websites, multi-channel marketing services, reputation and social media management, total inventory management and the best support in the industry. Drive Dominion and let us build your customized dealership solution together.