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Dominion Dealer Solutions is redefining retail with end-to-end technology solutions built by visionaries who see beyond the challenges of today, to deliver flexible, customizable solutions that grow with your dealership and generate results the competition can’t match. Our Progressive Retail Platform™, keeps you in control and always connected to your employees, your processes and your customers.

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    • Top Four Tips for App Advertising

      “Creativity is putting your imagination to work, it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”-Ken Robinson Being that smartphone users are spending more time using apps instead of web browsers, mobile app advertising is seeing a significant growth. Online social network service, Facebook, has publicized significant additions to its mobile app advertising program. Marketers […]

    • Last Chance to Register for the December Customer Webinar!

      Register for the December Customer Webinar! According to R.L. Polk, 78% of car buyers shop online. This means that your website needs to be fully functional, engaging and easy to find at all times.  Mobile device users deserve the same quality of browsing experience as PC/desktop users, and 74% of customers that visited a mobile-friendly site […]

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Using our custom-designed Dealer Software and Services, we work with you to transform your challenges into wins and conquer your market. Dominion’s total dealership solution includes web-based automotive CRM and dealer management systems, responsive dealer websites, multi-channel marketing services, reputation and social media management, total inventory management and the best support in the industry. Drive Dominion and let us build your customized dealership solution together.