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8 AM – 7 PM EST M – F

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8 AM – 7 PM EST M – F (inventory)

8:30 – 5:00 PM EST M-F (cross-sell)

CRM & Equity Support

1-877-DDS-4444 (877-337-4444)


8 AM – 8 PM EST M – F, 8 AM – 5 PM EST Sat.

Website & Marketing Support

1-877-DDS-4444 (877-337-4444)


8 AM – 8 PM EST M – F, 8 AM – 5 PM EST Sat

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No problem. Just call our support line and select the option for after-hours. Our contact center will relay your message to our on-call staff who will assist you to solve the issue.
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  • Support Dedicated to You

    Business thrives with the proper support. Whether installing a new computer system or resolving a simple process question, an efficient and effective outcome will save time and money, and positively impact the dealership’s bottom line.

    Calling upon decades of industry and dealership knowledge, the Customer Services teams at Dominion Dealer Solutions work daily to anticipate these demands, by delivering a complete support solution through our four pillars of support:

    Personalized Installation Process

    From the onset, our team works with your team to configure the software solutions to your method of doing business. From setting defaults and security levels to building standard tables, we walk you hand-in-hand through the processes that transform the system to meet your very specific needs.

    End-to-End Training

    When engaging with a Dominion Dealer Solutions product, it is important to understand the power at your fingertips. Our training teaches users how to perform and exceed expectations. Beginning with the basics, we layer user knowledge to build competence and confidence, then provide advanced instruction to maximize your dealership’s use of system features and components.

    For more information:
    Dominion Dealer University Training Calendar:
    Dominion ACCESS Training:
    Onsite & Webinar Requests:

    Responsive Support Team

    Whichever form of communication you select – phone, e-mail, or online chat – our support teams are live, US-based, and ready to respond to any question or concern quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to business with answers and solutions.

    Proactive Communication

    Monthly and occasional communications inform Dominion Dealer Solutions customers of product enhancements, best practices, and system upgrades. Chock full of information, these communications help ensure customers are up-to-date with changes and better prepared to incorporate these advances into their dealership’s processes.