Dominion StoryBuilder

Save time and drive your business

Creating compelling online vehicle descriptions that engage consumers can be a time-intensive and costly challenge for many dealers. With Dominion StoryBuilder™ automatic vehicle commenting tool you can instantly engage car shoppers to take action.

Blending artificial intelligence with data analytics, Dominion Inventory Solution now offers Dominion StoryBuilder to transform data specific to your vehicle into engaging stories for online car shoppers.

Story Builder

Compelling vehicle descriptions:

  • Dominion StoryBuilder™ combines data analytics (such as dealer and vehicle information, third-party reviews, crash test results, certifications, warranty status, CarFax history, and fuel economy rankings) with artificial intelligence and consumer-tested narrative.
  • Artificial intelligence constantly learns and adapts the language inputs to deliver superior online descriptions.
  • Real-time consumer-focused content drives better online results (both SRPs and VDPs).
  • Full hands-free approach saves you time.  Unique vehicle differentiators and profile personas give you the confidence that your vehicles are merchandised correctly for your target market.

Did you know?

A study reports that adding comments to your online ads will increase contracts by more than 50%.

“Then Dominion StoryBuilder™ came along. Dominion StoryBuilder takes so much time off my hands. We sell 15 cars in two days. I don’t have time to sit down and write an ad for everyone. Dominion StoryBuilder is a lifesaver – I love it.”

Olathe Kia Mitsubishi