Automatic Vehicle Commenting Tools for Auto Dealers

Tell each vehicle's unique story

Engaging Vehicle Comments

Transform data into vehicle stories that sell

Creating compelling online vehicle descriptions that engage consumers can be a time-consuming and costly challenge. Within minutes of entering a vehicle into Dominion IVM, Dominion StoryBuilder™, our proprietary, automated vehicle commenting engine, instantly transforms vehicle specific data into engaging stories for online customers

Sell More Cars

Better Vehicle Stories = Faster Inventory Turn.

A recent proprietary study proves that vehicles posted with Dominion StoryBuilder™ automated comments sell faster.

Drive fresh SEO content

Turn the right info into bright stories

Dealer-defined priority tools help you tell the most compelling story by identifying which pieces of information to include.

Engage car shoppers to take action

Powerful Stories, Powerful Results

With Dominion StoryBuilder, you can:

  • Rebuild stories in one click to drive fresh content and SEO
  • Target likely buyers of specific vehicles with quick, effective vehicle stories
  • Drive better Vehicle Details Page (VDP) and Search Results Page (SRP) results with more robust and relevant content
  • Have confidence that your vehicles are merchandised correctly for your target market
  • Optimize online car shopper interactions
  • Save time and money