Pricing, Sourcing & Appraisal Solutions for Car Dealerships

Market-based insight to drive more informed decisions

Knowing what the top selling vehicles are and what they sold for can help you make more informed pricing, sourcing, appraisal and merchandising decisions. Dominion Inventory Manager provides everything you need to ensure you are delivering the right vehicle at the right price for your market.

“Dominion gives us the data we need to stay on top of the game…in 5 short months, we nearly doubled our Internet leads.”

-Heidi Kerbel
Internet Manager, Olathe Kia Mitsubishi

Price Guidance

Price right for the market

With the real-time, market-based insight you get from the Price Guidance feature available within Dominion Inventory Manager, you will gain a true understanding of how to price each vehicle based on the competitive landscape:

  • Compare Year/Make/Model/Trim/Equipped Options
  • View/filters for in-stock vehicles, days’ supply
  • Compare your vehicles to your local competition
  • Access vehicle history reports
  • View Vehicle price rank with visual alerts for under/over pricing
  • Get book value validation (NADA, Manheim MMR, Galves, Kelley Blue Book, Black Book)
  • Price vehicles back on % of market
  • Show/highlight vehicles within competitive listings
  • Add market high/low data points to pricing details
  • Get notification of vehicles without price adjustment in “x” days
  • Custom pricing grids and reporting (including profitability reports)

Sourcing Guidance

Identify and source high-demand vehicles

With Dominion Inventory Manager’s real-time, market-based Sourcing Guidance, you can identify high-demand vehicles in your market from local auctions or from past customers.

  • Create target buy lists
  • Plan and execute more efficient auction sourcing
  • Source quality vehicles

Dominion’s equity mining solution, DealActivator™ automates the process of identifying sourcing opportunities from your current customer base. Learn How

Appraisal Guidance

Acquire vehicles with confidence

Built-in Appraisal Guidance gives you real-time, market-based insight so you know what each vehicle is worth before you acquire it. Mobile access gives you everything you need to quickly appraise vehicles on the lot or at the auction.

With Appraisal Guidance, you enjoy:

  • Speed: One-click appraisals
  • Visibility: Instant access to key data, including:
    • Book values
    • Competitive listings
    • Vehicle history reports
    • Auction run lists
  • Flexibility: Toggle between dealership and auction mode
  • Increased flexibility lets you:
    • Use any CRM to create appraisals
    • Attach photos to appraisal
    • Determine missed trade-in opportunities
    • Keep track of active appraisals
    • Customize reporting

New Car Incentives

Confidently price and merchandise new vehicles

With New Car Incentives you can confidently and competitively price your new vehicles to capture the attention of online car shoppers. OEM rebates and incentives are automatically accessible from within Dominion Inventory Manager and instantly applied to prices, photos, comments and overlays. Real-time updates are automatically syndicated to all websites and portals.

Eliminate the guesswork and hassle of keeping up with incentives. With New Car Incentives, you can:

  • Quickly access new car market listings to identify how competitors are pricing new cars
  • Identify/compare new cars that ight be in competition with used cars (or vice versa)
  • Automatically view, select and apply relevant rebates and incentive to new vehicle listings (prices, photos, comments and overlays)
  • Combine potential incentives with competitive new AND used car listings to understand how to best price a trade-in.

Vehicle Valuation Resources

Compare values and price accordingly

Ensure your inventory remains in car shoppers’ minds with best-in-market pricing. We have you covered with easy access to compare book values and current competitive listings.

Access the industry’s best vehicle book values from within Dominion Inventory Manager or via the Inventory Manager mobile app. Get data from NADA, Manheim MMR, Black Book, Kelley Blue Book, Galves,