Multi Channel Marketing Tools for Dealerships

Creating a consistent message through every channel

Real marketing success comes with communicating a consistent message across multiple channels over a period of time to a specific target audience. It takes careful coordination and management oversight of the entire process to ensure the right message reaches the right audience in whatever way is most appropriate and convenient for them. Don’t worry – that’s where we come in.


Did you know that consumers report 74% brand recall when companies advertise across mobile, TV, and online media?* That’s why Dominion’s multi-channel approach with email, video, eNewsletters, direct mail, print and digital advertising, social media, SMS text, and pre-recorded voice messaging is the perfect combination to maximize your radio, TV, and outdoor advertising dollars. The more channels you use, the better your brand is received by consumers.



Our email marketing engine is a trusted means of communication, so it’s a good way to lay the foundation for a successful multi-channel marketing strategy. With it, you may choose to send custom video, this month’s eNewsletter, or the latest coupons and specials. Whatever your strategy, we enable you with permission-based power to build stronger relationships with your prospects and customers.


Or is it? With more marketers moving toward digital marketing, the mailbox is getting a little more of your consumer’s attention these days. Direct mail remains a viable and profitable marketing channel to communicate valuable offers in a timely and personal way. Dominion’s custom-designed mailers are a perfect complement to any digital program, enabling you to gain 100% penetration for your latest sales or service campaign.


Direct mail is also a good vehicle to trigger an impulse buy and can easily be tied into other forms of communication. For example, Dominion can implement QR code and other print-to-digital strategies to enhance your direct mail piece as part of a multi-channel campaign. Mail recipients can scan the code and be immediately directed to a mobile-optimized, responsive website where they can register or schedule service using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.