Email & Phone Validation Services for Dealerships

Supercharge customer data

With Dominion’s specialized data services, you can supercharge your most powerful asset – your customer data. Maximize reach and reduce costs. Results begin here!


We leverage proprietary Email Append technologies to deliver the highest and most accurate match rates possible. Our email data set contains more than 750 million records. All email addresses in our database are unique, permission-based, and CAN-SPAM compliant. The matches we provide are based on name and address at the individual (full name and address) or household match level (last name and address).


Our Email Validation Service is the source for ensuring your email addresses are accurate and deliverable to help improve email marketing success. The Email Validation process eliminates invalid addresses and effectively reduces the number of “hard bounces” on transmission. This process helps protect the broadcasting IP from domain level filtration and IP “blacklisting.” We take essential steps to provide the most accurate Email Validation Service that fully complies with Federal standards and regulations.


From a single email address, the Reverse Email Append data service can provide First and Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip. Reverse Email Append is powered by a database of over 750 million records containing both business and individual email addresses. Our service enables your company and service provider clients the ability to personalize marketing messages by identifying names belonging to an email address, increase touch points by adding a postal address to email records, and start transaction processes immediately.


Reverse Phone Append is a real-time web service that starts the transaction process immediately and keeps it moving forward. When a call comes into a call center or business development center, we confirm and standardize the complete caller identity in real time. Oftentimes, we even provide results for unpublished phone numbers. Reverse Phone Append is a sure way to eliminate call center inefficiencies and drive return on investment.


Our Phone Append and Phone Validation Services provide information needed to respond immediately and confidently to customer needs. The result is increased conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction levels. Our Phone Validation Data Service can enhance your existing file and ensure your records are accurate and standardized.


Knowing which customer file records include home, mobile, and PCS device numbers for telemarketing initiatives could make a significant impact on your bottom line. Our Phone Type Indicator Service helps you make the right contacts and deliver appropriate marketing messages. Our automated Phone Type Indicator Service segments customer lists by land, wireless, and PCS device numbers to make your data-driven application more efficient and effective so you and your clients can reach fulfillment goals by making the right contact, the right way.


Our Do Not Call Processing Service compares records against the Federal and State Do Not Call registries, state Direct Marketing Association (DMA) registries, and Canadian registries to remove flagged records from customer files. The Do Not Call Data Processing Service ensures you and your business partners maintain a positive reputation with satisfied customers.


CASS™ (Coding Accuracy Support System™) is a certification process the USPS developed for ensuring mailing list addresses are complete and accurate. Our CASS software provides the necessary postal automation codes to qualify your mailings for bulk postage discounts. It ensures mailings are sent to valid addresses to help save time and money. CASS Standardization includes Locatable Address Conversion System, Delivery Point Validation, Early Warning System, Standard Zip + 4 Level of Match, and more!


Dominion provides NCOA services through the USPS® National Change of Address Database (NCOALink). Through our NCOALink service, your records can be compared to the most up-to-date address verification system available, saving your clients time and money by allowing you to reach target audiences more efficiently and effectively.


Performed every six months, we auto-check all customers who no longer own a vehicle and prevent automated processes from queuing communication, whether it’s in the form of email, direct mail, or phone calls, regarding vehicles that are no longer owned by that customer. It ensures professional messaging and, more importantly, accurately gauges customer loyalty to your dealership.