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Expanded Web Presence

Your website: the core to your Expanded Web Presence

Your customers and future customers are searching for you online. Meet them where they are. Everything you do online — social media, reviews and ratings, video and email marketing, eNewsletters, SEM/PPC advertising, and more — leads consumers to your website. It’s the first experience the customer will have with you. It’s your showroom and your brand. Our award-winning responsive design platform will help you make each customer experience a good one.

Responsive Websites

Responsive Platform

Google’s recommendation for automotive websites

By automatically resizing and repositioning page content, our award-winning responsive design websites allow your dealership to offer an ideal, mobile-friendly experience for online consumers. With the percentage of mobile searches being conducted for vehicles, you must be where your customers are. Your online brand remains consistent in message and appearance through all screen sizes with Dominion Responsive Websites.

77% of mobile searches happen at work or home
(where a desktop or laptop is present)


Science-driven Design

The key to stronger engagement & lead generation

Your website must be built around how people think and how search engines operate. That’s why we employ visual psychology high usability standards to deliver the best user experience — and drive conversions. We build your website to get results.



First to market

We introduced our responsive design sites in 2012, and we’ve been building our expertise — and our dealers’ success — ever since.



Our dealers’ sites have been ranked the fastest in the automotive industry (source: PCG Consulting), but that’s not stopping us from making them even faster!



We love what our dealers say about the support they receive as a Dominion Website customer- and you will too! (source: Best Industry Support,

Content Strategy

Conquering the digital world with unique, relevant content

The goal of every dealership website should be to attract shoppers with content that will engage and educate them. Consumers are researching vehicles online early in the buying cycle. With an effective content strategy, you can drive brand consideration and strengthen conversion.

Reporting & Analytics

Guiding the journey to the perfect website

Google Analytics Reporting

A strong website is always evolving, and to do so well, it must be based on strong reporting and analytics. Dominion’s website analytics provide the information dealers need to fine-tune their site and maximize everything from site SEO to VDP views and form conversions.


Be found. Win the click. It’s that simple.

Google Partner & Bing Accredited Professional

Location. Location. Location. Be where your customers are looking. Dominion knows this. Great search capabilities come standard with Dominion’s Responsive Websites. More auto dealers are turning to Dominion to move the needle by using a managed approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM & PPC). Search has never been so powerful.

Digital Marketing Manager

Partner with a Websites Expert

Digital Marketing Manager

Real marketing success comes when your website works together with every other component of your Expanded Web Presence to support a singular marketing strategy. It’s a lot to keep straight, especially when you are busy selling and servicing cars. That’s why Dominion offers you the industry and marketing expertise of a dedicated Digital Marketing Manager.