The Ultimate Car Shopping Experience

Introducing Dominion ShopMyWay for Dealer Groups

Dealer Groups Have Been Cut Out of the Loop.
Until Now.

Get Back in the Game

Today the consumer shopping experience is a complex journey involving many different searches, seeking many different resources, on many different websites — all with the end goal of having the necessary information to make an informed buying decision.  This vast amount of research puts off contact with the dealer for as long as possible.

The Next Evolution of Websites

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Captivate researching shoppers

The ShopMyWay experience gives the consumer the opportunity to convert at the right time based on their point in the shopping process. In turn their research patterns provide dealer groups with observations on what’s important to the consumer.

Everything Your Shoppers are Looking For

The three basic questions

Dollar signWhat can I afford?
Dominion My Payment equips your digital shoppers to not only search, but to truly shop by a payment structure they set up, driving up to 77% more organic leads.

Dollar signWhat’s my perfect vehicle?
Dominion My Car offers digital shoppers the deep side-by-side comparison they want and often find in 3rd party marketplace websites.

Dollar signWhat’s my trade worth?
Dominion My Trade keeps digital shoppers on your dealer website by offering a good faith trade valuation, while sending more buyer data your way with every car reviewed.

Everything Your Dealer Group Needs

Engage consumers from the start

With ShopMyWay you will: SMW-Compare

  • Influence high- and mid-funnel shoppers by providing an end-to-end, consumer-driven shopping process
  • Capture shopper attention and keep them on the dealer site throughout their research, building value and commitment
  • Help shoppers land on a vehicle of interest, value their trade, and research lease and finance options

Additionally ShopMyWay:

  • Provides deep insights into online research
  • Generates leads, drives appointments, and builds the dealership brand
  • Dealers receive information about shoppers’ vehicle requirements, trade values, credit-worthiness, and purchase preferences. Shoppers get to know a dealer group’s unique brand message.

In the past there was no single resource a consumer could go to shop the way they wanted.  3rd party sites were able to provide shoppers with a better experience, and they inserted themselves between the consumer and the dealership.

With the introduction of ShopMyWay, shoppers no longer need to resort to 3rd party sites because your website will fulfill their research needs.