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The team that builds, deploys, and supports dealers at Dominion Dealer Solutions has one mission: to make dealers’ lives better. We strive to provide excellent products that empower dealers with the right solutions for their business challenges. As the digital environment changes, we are on the forefront, providing dealers with the best options for their businesses.

Dominion’s web-based customer relationship management (CRM) and dealer management system (DMS) solutions give car dealers a unique way to realize business efficiencies and productivity gains, unlike other software. Dealers can also enhance their business development and inventory effectiveness with Dominion’s extensive technology and service solutions. From digital advertising to reputation and social media management; and from data mining to inventory merchandising, Dominion’s automotive software offerings help over 10,000 dealers solve their marketing and business management challenges.

In addition, Dominion’s commitment to excellence extends to customer support and training. With options ranging from in-person training to recorded webinars, dealership staff can find the learning tools appropriate to their needs. Our Support department caters to dealers’ technical and software needs and usage questions – and is available via phone and email.


Dominion VUETM

“Imagine all of your dealership data, live and historical, available at all times, with the ability to drill-down for more detail. Now you can be proactive with up-to-the-second live data and comparisons.”
– Van Koppersmith, President, Dominion DMS

Dominion ACCESS®

“I switched from ADP almost 14 years ago and have never regretted it. I’ve enjoyed Dominion ACCESS, so much that I’ve put it into six more stores.
– Lee Janssen Motor Co.

Web ControlTM

“Web Control is a great tool that allows me to professionally manage the thousands of customers I have acquired over the past 15 years. One thing I can’t live without is the automatic import of leads. I am able to reach out immediately as well as prioritize the work that needs to be done. I am able to be more proactive in the marketplace than ever before and I wouldn’t change a thing.
– Tri-Star of Blairsville



“In a record quarter, we sold an additional 141 vehicles. In one month, we added 48 sales, grossing over $93,000. Since implementing equity mining, my gross profit has
increased 10%.”

– Hudson Nissan

Digital Marketing

Reputation & Social Media Management – Prime Response®

“Prime Response ensures that I have reviews on multiple review sites. In the past I had more reviews on some sites, less on others; now I feel my reviews are equal across the board. I don’t feel as many customers would come into my dealership if I didn’t have the reviews that I have.”
– Brandon Ford

Inventory & Lot Services

Dealer Specialties

“Out of all of the products we have to run our business, I have never experienced more professional customer service on every level, each and every time as I do with Dealer Specialties. In addition [to customer service], they get an expert here daily taking our vehicle pictures and putting them on over 10 websites to get the fastest and best exposure.”
– University Honda

Dominion Inventory Manager & Dominion Storybuilder

“Dominion Inventory Manager lets me make adjustments to pricing and advertising to keep my cars competitive. Dominion Inventory Manager helps ensure my cars are always front-line ready with the best merchandising.

“I don’t have time to generate a new story for every vehicle. Dominion StoryBuilder helps me quickly get my cars online and ready for sale.”
– Custom Car Care