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Dominion Vision CRM, powered by CRMSuite, eliminates conventional CRM thinking by combining ease-of-use functionality with user-tailored dashboards, giving you a birds-eye view of dealership activity. Intuitive technology erases the need for traditional action plans and linear workflows. Dominion Vision learns about your customers and their preferences - helping you connect via the best possible method at the best possible time. With real data at your fingertips, Dominion Vision automotive CRM is a true business intelligence tool.




Communication Recommendations Backed by Data

Stop wasting precious time reaching out to customers who are unlikely to respond. Dominion Vision is the only automotive dealership CRM on the market with the Activity Focus feature. By utilizing data gleaned from the CRM’s expert technology, it helps increase the sales reps' productivity by targeting customers when they are most likely to engage.

  • Scores customers based on the amount of interaction they’ve had with the sales rep
  • Provides clarity on a customer’s preferred method of contact based on historical data of previous interactions - call, text or email
  • Tells you the best times to contact customers based on when they respond and their most active times throughout the day

Meet Your New Virtual Assistant

Olivia, your new virtual assistant, will ensure customers and prime prospects don’t slip through the cracks. This proactive feature automatically ensures customer connection and follow-up without the need for management, instruction, or intervention. Think of her as an extension of your sales team.

  • Olivia will email, text or leave voicemails to customers who require attention from a salesperson
  • When a customer responds, the message is sent to the assigned salesperson
  • Olivia locates customer records and can schedule meetings
  • She also assists in confirming appointments

A Dashboard Designed for You - And Only You

True custom user interfaces are designed to fit the processes that uniquely define a dealership. This complete dashboard provides a tailored overview of the dealership's data in near real-time.

  • Tailored to fit individual user workflow
  • Allows for any type of activity tracking
  • Shows Priority Leads - customers who need immediate attention
  • Includes appointment calendar, industry statistics and more

Get Personal with a Video Message

With video built into its communication center, Dominion Vision is modernizing greetings and relaying information to customers on a more personalized, forward-thinking platform.

  • Personally connect with customers
  • Modernize your dealership's image
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Link in the Cloud, no attachments necessary

Call Customers Right From the CRM

Dominion Vision’s Direct Connect Calling feature automatically logs call data correctly into the CRM. Sales reps can call directly from the customer record inside of Dominion Vision while using their very own vanity number.

  • Outbound calls are automatically recorded
  • Inbound calls are directed to a rep and are recorded in the dealership CRM
  • System will whisper customer's name to you if you decide to answer an inbound call