Vision CRM, powered by CRMSuite, enhances 1:1 salesperson and customer engagement, communications, relationships, and sales. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and a virtual assistant, Vision learns your customers’ communications preferences to make determinations on when, how, and what method of communications they are most likely to respond to.

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A Complete Dealership Communications Solution

Developed for both single-rooftop dealers as well as multi-store groups, Vision combines the latest AI techniques with traditional automotive CRM systems, telephony services, and equity applications onto a single platform.

For multi-store dealerships, Vision CRM gives your group one record for each customer. Everything that has ever happened with that one customer resides in a single file.

The result: Regardless of how many brands you dealer group has, you will be able to communicate directly with that one customer quickly, easily, and efficiently.


Olivia. Your New Virtual Assistant

Olivia works throughout the Vision CRM software environment to help salespeople determine when and how to best engage each customer. Powered by AI and machine learning (ML), Olivia is constantly learning the best 1:1 communications channels – text, voice, email, video –to utilize in securing customer engagement. Olivia then monitors this engagement to make sure customers aren’t being ignored.

Activity Focus

Takes customer engagement touchpoints – all the ways a specific customer engages with your dealership– and develops an individualized workflow for that customer based on his communications preferences.


A Dashboard Designed for You - And Only You

True custom user interfaces are designed to fit the processes that uniquely define a dealership. This complete dashboard provides a tailored overview of the dealership's data in near real-time.

  • Tailored to fit individual user workflow
  • Allows for any type of activity tracking
  • Shows Priority Leads - customers who need immediate attention
  • Includes appointment calendar, industry statistics and more

Get Personal with a Video

Trackable Vision video offers another way for salespeople to personalize the buying experience.

  • Personally connect with customers
  • Modernize your dealership's image
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Link in the Cloud, no attachments necessary

Personalized Phone Numbers to Make and Receive Customer Calls

Vision Direct Connect allows salespeople to make and receive calls from a customer record using their personalized dealership phone number. All calls recorded for customer follow-up and team member coaching.

  • Outbound calls are automatically recorded
  • Inbound calls are directed to a rep and are recorded in the dealership CRM
  • System will whisper customer's name to you if you decide to answer an inbound call
  • Listen to one or both sides of the telephone call depending upon
    your state laws

Monitor Dealership Communications 24/7

OliviaCares is the first dealership monitoring solution to provide complete visibility into all customer interactions happening in a single store or across an entire dealer group.

Immediately notifies managers of critical customer communications issues such as missed calls, poor email responses, or salesperson inattention that may require intervention.

  • Set up alerts based on preference — profanity, threats, other verbiage
  • Set up alerts based on activity — call, text, email
  • Review call summaries
  • Get a stronger awareness of customer calls and interactions

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Accelerate Customer Engagement Further

Powerful Vision CRM add-ons that put additional customer engagement tools at your sales team’s fingertips.

  • Stop the Clock - Process immediate customer responses round-the-clock to avoiding customer loss and increasing engagement.

  • Enhanced Email Deliverability - Make your email outreach work harder for you. Increase delivery and open rates. Avoid SPAM filters.

  • Advanced Images - Give customers an unmatched visual representation of the entire vehicle. 360-degree spins. Video walkthroughs. Voice narration. Adhere to OEM brand guidelines.
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