Automotive Lead Management CRM

Comprehensive Lead & Prospect Management with Automated Workflow

Dominion Web Control™ is a web-based automotive dealer CRM and lead management solution built to manage and market to both leads and prospects. Certified by most manufacturers, Web Control CRM pulls lead data from over 300 sources including leads from your website, your OEM’s website, and third-party websites. Dominion Web Control serves both franchised and independent car dealerships.

“Web Control is extremely efficient and handles our leads and sales processes very well. It’s so easy to use that anyone who can use a cellphone can use Web Control.”

JC Baker, Jake Sweeney Chevrolet

Web Control CRM Advanced
Dominion Web Control CRM Advanced allows dealers to manage the Showroom Sales process. With the Advanced package, dealers can track and follow-up on walk-ins and phone-ups. In addition, dealers can see the sales history of prospects in their system and use that information to effectively market to customers before they even enter the market.

NEW! Enhanced Inventory

Greater integration = easier processes.

Enhanced inventory options within Dominion Web Control
Introducing enhanced inventory options from within Dominion Web Control CRM! Greater integration means easier processes for your team. Web Control now pulls more detailed inventory data directly — allowing users to to see all vehicles pulled from the dealership’s inventory feed right from their dealership CRM software. This daily feed gives users the ability to match current inventory to prospects’ requests.

From the Internet to the Showroom

More than just a lead manager.

Today, your team needs more than just a lead manager. With Web Control automotive CRM, you can improve your sales team’s efficiency and closing rates.

  • Create sales processes for automated work plans and consistent follow-up reports.
  • Lead routing can be established through the Automanager, within the user interface so that incoming leads get routed to the right sales person every time — route by year, make, source, zip code or other qualification.
  • See follow-up action items such as New Email, Meetings, Phone Calls, Email Received, and Email Sent at a glance.
  • Identify where the buyer is in the buying process from a single screen.
  • Post-sale follow-up processes are easily established.
  • Six different types of prospects, including phone-ups and walk-ins get tracked at once.
  • Select different UI themes for your business.

“Web Control is extremely efficient and helps us manage our leads and communicate with our customers. I’ve looked at other CRM applications, and when I ask if their product can do what Web Control does, the other company takes notes and says, ‘those are great ideas!’”

Coleen Herron, Greg Sweet Auto Group

Work Smarter

Maximize your sales team’s effectiveness.

With Web Control CRM and ILM, you can evaluate lead and sales team performance through easy-to-use reporting tools.

Measure your sales performance with over 35 robust reports for individual source, sales person, lead and prospect, and even enterprise-level performance. Sales response time and closing ratios will help you maximize sales team’s effectiveness.

With the Web Control dealer CRM, you can analyze your lead source performance. Track up to 100 dealer-defined sources by volume, closing ratio, profit margin, and more to determine the ROI of each source. Web Control operates as an effective franchised dealer CRM, providing results for OEM-based leads.

  • Instantly see your high priority action items each time you log in.
  • Pin “hot” leads to to your screen for easy access.

Powerful Tools to Enable Your Team

Reporting, security, and integrations.

  • DMS Integration
  • Permission-based broadcast emails
  • Driver’s license scanner
  • Performance reporting
  • Centralized, secure login
  • Integration with Power Worksheet desking solution
  • Customizable sales statuses
  • Showroom traffic log to identify prospects who are physically in the dealership