Automotive Lead Management & Routing

Get the right leads to the right people.

Specific Leads. Specific People. Specific Parameters.

Assign leads to those best equipped to handle them.

Web Control Assign Leads
Dealers need a way to get the right leads to the right people when they are entered into a dealership CRM. “Automanager” is a tool within Dominion Web Control CRM that allows a dealership to send leads to specific people based on specific parameters. Leads can be routed according to many criteria such as source, make, and type of vehicle (New, Used, Certified). Leads can even be left unassigned in this dealer CRM. Using “Automanager – Lead Routing”, dealers can assign leads to the people who are best equipped to handle those customers.

  • Create lead-routing rules based on several criteria.
  • Create smart rules so that employees are not assigned leads on their day off.
  • Create round-robin rules to guarantee that a lead is answered within a given timeframe.
  • Create grab-bag rules for unassigned leads so that available reps can work them.
  • Create auto-responses and lead forwarding when using the unassigned option.