Google Says…

Go Responsive!

Google recognizes that Responsive Website design offers users a better experience across all devices. On top of that, Google frequently makes changes to their search algorithm to deliver a better user experience.

Google’s latest update, Panda, has already caused search results to change. Did you lose ground? Are your competitors ranked higher than you? Are you getting less traffic to your site and showroom?

We’re responsive

The Panda doesn’t like duplicate content. Our responsive websites guarantee that your site will be optimized for all mobile platforms, while only serving up one site. No need for a mobile website, which presents duplicate content to the search engines. #oneisenough

User-friendly for easy navigation

The Panda likes well-designed websites. A website that has a simple navigation will be easier for your shopper to use. #designmatters

Optimized assets

The Panda likes fast-loading websites. We optimize assets, Javascript and CSS so that our sites load faster, making it more pleasant for your shoppers to find what they want. #speedcounts

We are experts

The Panda likes websites that are already doing this. Dominion Responsive Websites already meet Panda’s expectations. No need to scurry around and fix something that isn’t broken. Our customers are ahead of the game! #winners

  • Dominion Responsive Websites - Example

  • Your website is the hub of your dealership’s expanded web presence. Your entire digital world — social media, reviews and ratings, video and email marketing, eNewsletters, SEM/PPC advertising, and more — leads consumers to your website. It’s the first impression these consumers have of your dealership. We’ll help you make it count!

    Don’t wait to learn more about Dominion’s Responsive Websites. They are Google-friendly and will give your customers a better experience and your dealership better results. Simply fill out the form to get more information.