Harness the Power of Personalization

Our fully-automated marketing and data mining solution uses data science to craft precise messages and Otto delivers them for you. Build trust with customers and drive profitability with the power of personalization. Do it effortlessly with Otto.

Build Trust and Drive Profitability.

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Meet Otto: Your Dealership’s New MVP

Otto is the brains behind MarketActivator. He does all the work so you don't have to! Otto pinpoints your prime sales and service opportunities and delivers precise marketing messages tailored to each individual.

With his help, you'll be building trust and elongating customer relationships.

  • Otto works magic to manage your database, it’s not just automatic, it’s otto-magic!
  • He works all day, every day to ensure you never miss an opportunity

Otto-mate Your Marketing

Target: Pinpoint the Best Customers

Otto uses machine learning to constantly pinpoint new potential upgrade opportunities. He pulls in customers from your DMS, but he can also reach in-market prospects not yet in your database.

Prescribe: One-to-One Messaging

Otto deploys unique one-to-one messages designed to strategically engage each customer. These automated "Power Sequences" are uniquely personalized to each customer based on their stage in the buyer journey.

Alert: Otto Keeps His Eyes Peeled

With Otto on your team, you never have to worry about missing an opportunity. His 24/7 customer behavior monitoring provides you with important alerts regarding marketing hand-raisers.

Prioritize: Focus on Hot Leads

Otto analyzes your customers using a scoring algorithm to target and deliver most-likely-to-buy leads to your team.  

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The Strength of the Power Sequence

MarketActivator’s unique marketing strategy consists of an infinite number of personalized Power Sequences created for individuals in your database that are identified as likely to buy within 90 days. Messaging is determined by a customer’s stage in the buyer journey and the channel is determined by their engagement habits.

Marketing messages are distributed across channels including email, social, and direct mail.

Response rates increase by 51% when leveraging a one-to-one marketing strategy.

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Personalized Offers Showcase Vehicles Currently on Your Lot

What makes MarketActivator’s marketing so powerful is its ability to craft offers that are just right for each person in your database. What’s even better, is how it helps you increase dealership profitability by pairing customers with inventory that’s ready to move on your lot.

  • Higher Conversion Rates: personalized one-to-one targeted offers drive more sales
  • Reverse Inventory Lookup: our proprietary technology algorithm matches customers with your current lot inventory ready for immediate sale
  • Current Incentives: if a new incentive is released, MarketActivator automatically builds it into the payment offer and sends out new, personalized emails the next day
  • OEM Compliance: our marketing is OEM compliant and co-op eligible, even for conquest

Sales and Service Marketing All-in-one

MarketActivator is different from other dealership marketing platforms in that it combines marketing for Service and Sales. Otto will crawl your database and send out personalized, multi-channel offers to every service customer that is eligible to buy a new car before they even arrive in the service lane.

  • MarketActivator otto-matically identifies equity customers that came into the service drive but didn’t buy and will send an offer to reimburse their service if they purchase a new vehicle

Do You Know Your Customers’ RPM?

Otto generates a list of leads based on their readiness to buy so that your employees can see top prospects at a glance. Each customer is scored based on their Relative Purchasing Metric (RPM) which determines how close the customer is to buying. The higher the score, the higher the probability of conversion.

Make your Calls Count

MarketActivator’s Live Calls make reaching out via phone less painful and more successful by providing the rep with a personal offer as well as a script that includes the customer’s marketing engagement, equity data, financial data, and credit information.

No Time For Calls?

MarketActivator offers a virtual BDC that will make calls for you! BDCActivator callers will make up to 500 calls a month to the best equity customers in your database. You’ll get appointment alerts and monthly success reporting!

$30K Average Incremental Profit for Dealers Using BDCActivator.

Manage the Customer Lifecycle & Your Reputation

The reputation management features inside MarketActivator help you manage the customer cycle as well as your online reputation, CSI and SSI efforts.

  • Customer feedback is collected to ensure a customer's transaction went smoothly
  • Lost souls are discovered by Otto and are automatically sent a tailored offer to bring them back into the store
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