ServiceActivator enables you to reach 100% of your market without lifting
a finger. On average, dealers reach just 30% of their market, meaning they
miss out on 70% of their potential revenue.

How will you reach your entire market with ServiceActivator?

Meet Otto!
He scrubs your current DMS data and pulls
in data you may missing from 1,000 top sources.


From Data to Marketing to Revenue Generation,

Otto is your right-hand man.

Otto is the brains behind ServiceActivator. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,
he's a whiz when it comes to automating processes in your dealership.

Not only does Otto help you reach your entire market, he keeps your data up to date, sends precise marketing
messages, and follows customers to their preferred point of sale.

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deepen your relationships with more customers.


Explore 3 Ways to Otto-mate Your 
Dealership and Increase Your Bottom Line

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