Dominion Web Control™ helps dealers simplify their sales process.

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“You can customize Web Control as much or as little as you want, and it's very cost effective“

~Molye Chevrolet

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More about Dominion Web Control:

Today, your team needs more than just a lead manager. With Web Control, you can improve your sales team’s efficiency and closing rates.

  • Create sales processes for automated work plans and consistent follow-up reports.
  • Incoming leads are routed to the right salesperson every time - route by year, make, source, zip code or other qualification.
  • See follow-up action items such as New Email, Meetings, Phone Calls, Email Received, and Email Sent at a glance.
  • Identify where the buyer is in the buying process from a single screen.
  • Six different types of prospects, including phone-ups and walk-ins, get tracked at once.
  • Integrates with Calldrip™ to increase closing ratios.

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