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  • Comparing Vehicle Ownership & Rideshare Costs in the North East

    Consumers in the market today, are ditching their cars for rideshare in order to decrease expenses. But, is using a rideshare service actually cheaper for a consumer than owning a personal vehicle? A study conducted by NerdWallet found that owning a vehicle is actually less expensive than taking rideshare to get around a city on a […]

  • Should You Own Your Vehicle or Take Rideshare on the West Coast?

    Is owning a new or used vehicle less expensive than ditching your car and taking rideshare as an alternative? According to NerdWallet, owning a compact vehicle is indeed less expensive for a consumer annually when compared to costs of rideshare services like Lyft or Uber. Consumers end up spending more money each year because of Lyft and Uber’s base […]

  • Is Owning a Vehicle Better than Rideshare in the Midwest U.S.?

    Consumers around the United States of America are starting to ditch their personal vehicles in order to use rideshare as an alternative. But, according to NerdWallet, using a rideshare services such as Lyft or Uber is actually more expensive than owning a vehicle if you have a clean driving record. You actually spend more money […]

  • World Wide Developer Conference: WWDC15

    Author: Jennifer Martin, Dominion Dealer Solutions, Product Marketing Manager The World Wide Developer Conference or WWDC is always the biggest day of the year for Apple fans. In fact, a big day for technology in general, as most of the innovations announced will change they way we think across industries. While some of the biggest […]

  • The Top 100 Used Franchised Car Dealers

    Dominion Dealer Solutions Cross-Sell Reports were featured in this month’s Auto Remarketing magazine for naming the best in pre-owned performance dealers. This four section recognition series honors dealers with the strongest franchised stores and highest success in publicly traded dealer groups. The first part names the top 100 sales ranking of Dominion Dealer Solutions Cross-Sell […]

  • Is It Better to Rideshare or Own a Vehicle?

    In big cities around the United States, many consumers are beginning to ditch their cars and take rideshare as an alternative means to get around. But, are the consumers really saving money by leaving behind payments of a car? NerdWallet found in a study that owning a car is significantly less expensive than using rideshare, […]

  • May Recap: Dominion’s Top 5 Blogs

    Dominion’s Top 5 Blog Posts from May A Day in the Life: Dominion Enterprises’ Refresh Day A surprise celebration for Dominion Enterprises’ employees took place on a beautiful afternoon in Norfolk, VA this past Wednesday. There was food, drinks, sunshine, games and live music which made for a great afternoon. This opportunity allowed employees to relax […]

  • Online Video: A Key Focus for Marketers in 2015

    Welcome to the age of online video. As technology advances so does the science behind audience targeting. The use of online video is increasing drastically among all consumers but especially among those 18-49 years of age. This holds true for automotive buyers and shoppers in that age range as well. According to Google, US online […]

  • 5 Quick Tips to Transform your Dealership’s Email Marketing

    The email market has been drastically changing over the years. Consumers no longer sit at home, boot up their computers, and check their emails solely at the beginning or end of each day. With the growth of mobile use, accessing email anytime, anywhere has become a common feature among both automotive shoppers, and the consumer […]