Bacon-Wrapped Digital Advertising

By: Jonah Cole, Product Manager

“You had me at Bacon.”

“Keep calm and Bacon on.”

“I want someone to look at me the way I look at Bacon.”

“You can’t buy happiness, but … you can buy Bacon,
which is about the same thing.”

We’ve all seen them. Bacon memes have covered the Internet almost as extensively as this pork product has made its way into just about every recipe known to man.

But what does bacon have to do with digital advertising for automotive dealers?

With the social media giant’s latest shift to practically require businesses to advertise in order to be visible to consumers, the age of social advertising is truly upon us. Social advertising has become the hot trend; the latest and greatest ingredient for your auto dealership’s digital advertising strategy. It’s bacon, it’s here, and it’s GREAT!

Social advertising, particularly on Facebook, is the grandchild of traditional search engine marketing. Much like Google and other 3rd party sites, Facebook wants to keep its users happy, occupied, interested and on their platform. Therefore, they’ve created an environment teeming with users, preferences, interests, and — the Holy Grail — data!

Automotive marketers everywhere are salivating.

While this craze is exciting, it’s important to remember a few key points when adding the bacon of social advertising to your dealership’s overall digital advertising strategy.

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1. Don’t replace the good stuff

It’s easy to get excited about a new trend or new flavor. Bacon has been experiencing a golden age as of late, and many expect social advertising to do the same. But, it’s important to remember not to replace the good things your new or used car dealership is already doing. Replacing your vegetables or proteins with bacon is fun, it’s exciting, but it will lead to an unbalanced diet.

Similarly, trying to replace current dealership marketing efforts that don’t directly translate to social media advertising can result in a sluggish digital strategy and harm the progress you’ve already made. However, adding bacon to that lettuce tomato sandwich you have been choking down might just be the competitive edge you have been looking for!

2. Just ‘cause you can …

We’ve seen atrocities such as bacon-flavored toothpaste, bacon air fresheners, and bacon cologne. It’s important to learn from this lesson when it comes to your auto dealership’s social media advertising strategy. Remember that with this new and robust digital advertising opportunity comes responsibility. Make sure the chef behind your digital advertising strategy doesn’t get too bacon crazy.

3. Experiment!

As long as you don’t go too crazy with your new ingredient, try some experimental recipes with your dealership’s digital advertising mix. Now is the time for A/B testing, innovation and experimentation.

Experimentation has given us maple bacon sundaes, maple chipotle candied bacon, bacon bowls, and even delicious bacon- garnished Bloody Marys. Encourage your automotive digital advertising partner to test your local market, just be sure that they’re responding to the feedback.

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