Ben Mynatt Nissan Enjoys 23X ROI With Dominion Digital Marketing Solutions

By: Amanda Krause, Marketing Lead Specialist

Does your auto dealership’s website have a sleek and modern look, yet struggles to attract high-quality leads? Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Digital Marketing software includes a Shop-by-Payment solution and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages that can help increase the number and quality of your automotive website leads.

Deana Beaver, Owner Loyalty Manager at Ben Mynatt Nissan, was challenged to bring more awareness and stronger search results to the dealership’s website. After seeing success with Dominion’s award-winning equity mining solution, DealActivator, and Dominion Dealer Specialties® inventory management and merchandising, she enlisted Dominion Digital Marketing to provide a solution. Shortly after implementing Dominion’s My Payment and managed search campaigns, the traffic to Mynatt Nissan’s website increased.

During our two-week test period, we had 18 leads and 3 sales attributed to My Payment.

Since adding My Payment, Ben Mynatt Nissan has seen increasingly strong results. In its first month, My Payment drove 56 unique leads that lead to seven units being sold at $16 cost per lead and a $114 cost per car sold. In addition to the success from My Payment, Dominion’s Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns drove 457 unique visitors to My Payment, resulting in a 23X overall ROI.

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Dominion’s My Payment is the only product in the industry that uses Soft Credit Pulls to enable online car shoppers to search inventory based on true monthly payments while the Online Advertising Platform searches for customers that are in real-time buying cycles- converting them into dealership prospects.

“We use a lot of Dominion’s products for a reason: they provide exemplary customer service. They know their stuff, and everything has been smooth, easy and productive.”

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