Dealer Specialties Integrates Kelley Blue Book Values into MarketControl Analytics Solution

Dealer Specialties, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, today announced the integration of Kelley Blue Book Values into the appraisal tool of MarketControl Analytics. Dealer Specialties is the nation’s largest provider of comprehensive inventory management solutions, data services and merchandising tools.

“Partnering with Kelley Blue Book is a key integration for MarketControl Analytics,” said Glen Garvin, group general manager of Dealer Specialties. “Including Kelley Blue Book Values in our appraisal tool helps dealers maintain a competitive edge and validate values from one web-based location.”

MarketControl Analytics now includes Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In, Wholesale Lending and Suggested Retail Values, each updated on a weekly basis. With its massive data collection, transparency in its processes, sophisticated forecasting models and formidable analytic capabilities, businesses and consumers consider Kelley Blue Book’s weekly values the most trusted in the industry.

MarketControl Analytics, the industry’s first real-time, market-based pricing and stocking solution, helps dealers make better inventory decisions to increase inventory turn rates and maximize profitability. With the appraisal tool, dealers can confidently boost profits before acquiring inventory. Inclusion of seamlessly integrated third-party sources, like Kelley Blue Book, helps dealers ensure a quick and profitable sale.

“With easy access to Kelley Blue Book Values, dealers are equipped to make the best buying and selling decisions for their business while taking into account current market conditions,” said Damon Johnson, vice president of business development for Kelley Blue Book. “Relied upon by both consumers and the industry, Kelley Blue Book offers trusted information supported by the company’s 85 years of experience.”