Disrupt My DMS Please!

Digital Disruption

Disrupt My DMS Please!

Any time any large industry matures, eventually disruptors will enter and try to change the paradigm. You know the examples…Uber & Lift disrupted the taxicab industry…Netflix disrupted Blockbuster Video…digital photography disrupted Kodak, Polaroid, and others.

Markets get disrupted when the needs of customers surpass the current providers’ capabilities. Customers become dissatisfied and frustrated. The industry becomes ripe for disruption.

Digital disruption is happening everywhere. Traditional industry boundaries begin to blur, and we see a new ecosystem emerging. Improvements in technology transform traditional industries into complex and interconnected value networks. This represents a fertile breeding ground for new, disruptive business models. Technology powerhouses and startups are in a race to scale. They challenge the incumbents on many levels.”   – Uli Muench, Global Vice President; Automotive, SAP America Inc.

Can you think of any products or services you use in your dealership that are ripe for disruption? How about the DMS market? NADA Surveys show a steady decline in DMS satisfaction. The core offerings that dominate the market have the origins nearly 30 years ago. And most are still full systems, meaning they require an ongoing investment in hardware.Frustrated Legacy DMS User

Other industries have moved to more agile, flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) approaches. Businesses don’t buy or lease software licenses and hardware infrastructure…they merely subscribe to the web-based, true cloud software they need.

Sounds good right? When is this coming to auto dealers?

Truth is, the disruption has begun. The industry’s first true web-based, true cloud WebDMS is here. It’s called VUE and it’s powered by Dominion Dealer Services. And it delivers on the promise! No hardware to buy or maintain. No worries about data loss or security. Not old software given a facelift and shoved on a cloud server. VUE was built from the ground up…from scratch. It’s a true database software as well…not old-fashioned file based. So, reporting and information sharing us MUCH easier. And much more.

VUE may be newer, but it’s got a strong foundation. It’s built on the Microsoft Azure® Enterprise Cloud…used by 90% of Fortune 500 Companies! It has bank-level security. And we have embedded Microsoft’s powerful Power BI advanced reporting with advanced visualization capabilities. Yet, VUE was designed to be easy to use and intuitive, yet powerful enough to support the needs of the largest enterprise groups. Plus, we’ve built-in, ‘best in class’ functionality for Service, Parts, Sales, F&I, Accounting, and Payroll! Or if you prefer to bolt on your own third-party solution, VUE does or will support your preferred add-ons through a real-time API.

As we near a new decade, what are your plans for the future? What’s your battle plan for winning in your market? Do you have the best digital foundation? Or are you being held back by old technology? The choice is yours…and thankfully, you now have a choice. DMS or WebDMS.

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About the Author: Bill Bok is the Vice President of DMS Sales for Dominion Dealer Solutions. Prior to joining Dominion, Bill served as VP of sales for Reynolds and Reynolds. In addition to owning and operating a General Motors dealership in Ohio, Bill was VP of Sales and Partner at Dealer Tire. Bill has spoken at NADA and numerous 20 group meetings, educating dealers on best practices in implementing and using DMS technology to improve dealership operations.

To get the  “5 Benefits of True Cloud DMS”, fill out the form below.

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