DMS Features to Help Run Your Dealership Like Amazon

DMS Features to Help Run Your Dealership Like Amazon

By: Amanda Krause, Marketing Specialist

Amazon continues to take over every industry imaginable. They are constantly expanding, all while maintaining the customer loyalty needed to be considered a profitable e-Commerce giant. It is hard to go a day without hearing about them in some way. Recently, they began selling clothes, then a few months later Amazon purchased Whole Foods and finally around the holidays, the company offered a door lock allowing delivery drivers to drop off your package in your house without you even needed to be home. Every day, Amazon maps out ways to improve and expand. In order to achieve success like Amazon, your automotive dealership should consider taking some of their processes and features and implement them through a modern dealer management system.

With Amazon, there is no such thing as over communication. Amazon shoppers’ minds are at ease after a purchase. They never have to worry about where a package is, when it shipped, or the estimated delivery date. Amazon consistently updates customers with any delays or in-transit updates. Your dealership DMS should allow for easy communication between the staff. The ability to share reports, urgent notifications and documents within seconds is key to running your dealership efficiently, and ensuring transparency with customers.

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Like every business, customer loyalty is vital to their existence. Amazon prides themselves in the customer loyalty they have built. Their Dash button is used by shoppers to reorder everyday essentials, making brand loyalty easy to attain. The easier something is and the better the overall experience, and the more likely it is that individual will return. While your dealership doesn’t have a Dash button, a modern DMS should have the capability to send automated emails to customers with vehicles due for service. These automated emails make scheduling service appointments quick and painless while ensuring the brand loyalty remains in tact.

67% of shoppers do not finalize online dealership transactions of those, 97% of mobile car shoppers fail to finalize their online transactions.

67% of shoppers do not finalize online dealership transactions of those, 97% of mobile car shoppers fail to finalize their online transactions. The main reasons are:

  1. Checkout process takes multiple clicks or the checkout button is hard to find.
  2. Shoppers question the safety of their personal info online.
  3. Shoppers are required to make an account before checking out.

Taking these reasons into consideration, make sure your car dealership’s service scheduling emails are optimized for mobile and build trust. While it’s impossible to keep your abandonment rate at 0%, how can those customers return if they leave the scheduling process?

To avoid shoppers leaving their site empty handed and frustrated, Amazon created a streamlined checkout process to make the experience quick and easy. If someone has previously shopped with the company, Amazon autofills their information and addresses when an order is being placed. The checkout process at your dealership should follow suit. A good DMS has Mobile Pay as an option for payment that way when it comes time for the customer to pay after a repair, they can do so with a few clicks of a smartphone.

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