How to Hold Your Digital Vendors Accountable

How to Hold Your Digital Vendors Accountable

How to Hold Your Digital Vendors Accountable

Don’t Let Your Digital Vendors’ Reporting Hold You Back

Most dealers agree that holding vendors accountable is extremely important. This is especially true in the area of digital marketing, where practically every metric (and the vendor’s performance) can be easily tracked.

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Consider the following:

  • How often does your dealership evaluate how well your partners are performing? Monthly? Weekly? In real-time?
  • How does your automotive dealership align various reports? Are you getting that “360 degree view” that truly measures digital marketing success?  
  • Are you taking your vendor’s word for it? Or is your dealership reporting on their performance?
  • Ultimately, how are your vendors held accountable?

In most cases, digital vendors deliver proprietary reports. These reports leave dealers relatively clear on what their vendors are providing. And so dealers move on to the next month, hoping it’s stronger than the last.

Dealers don’t need to continue down this road. There is a stronger strategy for success.

Google Analytics Provides Objective Reporting

At Dominion Dealer Solutions, we have built a large portion of our reporting system based on real-time, actionable data built on Google Analytics’ product integrations. It’s all captured in the MARKET CENTER Digital Dashboard — available to every dealer using one or more of the following Dominion services:

  • Responsive Websites
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising (SEM, Display, Detargeting, Model-Level Advertising, etc.)
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Inventory Manager

We do not use an internally How to Hold Your Digital Vendors Accountabledeveloped algorithm to tell dealers how well we performed. Instead,we use the industry’s standard for excellence, the transparency of which enables dealers to hold us (and other digital marketing vendors) accountable.

As a result, your dealership group gains stronger marketing intelligence, seamless digital unification, intuitive visualizations, and the power to better measure your digital partners’ performances.

Real Data. Now.

By tapping into Google Analytics and serving this data through a clean and intuitive interface, dealers can enjoy the power of real-time data for real-time decision-making.

Digital marketing moves at the speed of business; so decide whether your dealership wants to:

  1. Adjust marketing strategies after reviewing a post-mortem report at the end of each month,
  2. Adjust strategies as needed throughout the month to capitalize on opportunities and make improvements.

What You See Is What You “Got”

With Dominion’s MARKET CENTER Digital Dashboard, dealers have the benefit of maximum transparency. Because our reporting is rooted in Google Analytics, our dealers enjoy the highest level of visibility across all of their digital efforts. If we are performing well in a given month, dealers know it in real-time. If changes need to be made, our dealers can pivot their strategies just as quickly.

This transparency, however, isn’t just for Dominion Digital Marketing. Using your dealership’s Google Analytics data, Dominion captures data on nearly every single digital effort in one dashboard. Now your dealership can hold each vendor to the same standard of accountability.

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