How to Win with Micro-Moments: Part Two

How to Win with Micro-Moments: Part Two

By: Peyton Hoffman, Director of Public Relations and Event Management

In Part One of the How to Win with Micro-Moments blog series, we discussed the importance of mobile. Consumers turn to mobile devices throughout the shopping process, but particularly in the “is this car right for me,” “can I afford it,” “where should I buy it,” or “which car is best” moments. If your dealership isn’t easily available on mobile devices when consumers ask these questions, it won’t even be considered during the shopper journey. To ensure that your dealership is not left out during consumers’ micro- moments in the car buying process, we’ve put together some tips to help your dealership. Your dealership CAN win in these micro-moments.

How to Win with Micro-Moments: Part Two

Be There

It’s critical to anticipate micro-moments, not just when car shoppers are ready to buy. Most consumers are not completely certain which make or model they want when the online search process begins. Some even purchased a different vehicle than they had intended simply because the information was available at the moment that they needed it. As a dealer, having a reliable, mobile-first presence online increases your brand awareness and pulls micro- moments away from your competitors.

Be Useful

Unfortunately, just showing up doesn’t win over customers. Your dealership’s online presence must be useful to consumers and meet their needs. Not being useful can result in detrimental consequences for your dealership. Consumers will move on and may not return to your dealership’s website. For your website to be useful, it needs to have snippets of educational content that empowers car shoppers during each micro-moment. Such information could include payment information, vehicle comparisons, or directions to your dealership.

Be Quick

Consumers want instant gratification. Regardless of whether researching a car, comparing models, or trying to find a local dealership, car shoppers want immediate, reliable answers. Dealership websites are expected to load quickly on mobile and be easy to navigate. Does your website’s UI & UX meet this need? Consumers are quick to switch to a different site or app if the page load time is too long or the site is tough to peruse on a mobile device. If there are too many steps needed for car shoppers to get their desired information (ie: price), or make a purchase, they’ll leave your site. In order to be quick, your dealership needs to eliminate steps, anticipate needs, and load fast.

Micro- moments are critical touch points for your dealership to reach consumers. Following these three steps can help your brand be successful in this ever-changing consumer journey. For more insights into micro-moments, click here.

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