Latrobe Dealerships Deliver Top Shelf Customer Experience with the Responsive Design Technology

“In this day and age, it’s a must – a necessity – that you’re there for the consumer.” It’s just that simple for Don Takac, Jr., pre-owned sales manager at Latrobe Ford.

Latrobe Ford and its sister store, Latrobe Chevrolet, have long taken pride in understanding their customers’ needs, especially when it comes to folding technology into the process of buying and servicing vehicles. “Everyone seems to be carrying a smartphone in their pocket, and more and more have tablets,” Don reflects. “Because it’s very important for us to be there for our customers, we needed a website that was easy to maneuver regardless of the device.”

Latrobe found the solution with Dominion Websites. Built with responsive design technology on Dominion’s adaptive website platform, Dominion Websites provide a consistent user experience by automatically optimizing the display across devices. It also reduces the time, effort, and expense in managing a disparate, mobile site. Dominion was first to introduce responsive design technology to retail automotive dealerships, a technology specifically recommended by Google and Bing to
optimize SEO.

So what does Don like best about his Dominion Website and its unique responsive platform? “It’s all there,” he answers with confidence. “I’m looking at some competitors’ sites and I have to ‘spread’ the page to see anything. Then it’s hard to see the inventory. With our responsive website from Dominion, wherever you go, it’s easy to read. It’s clean. It’s simple. It’s everything we want.”

And the numbers are telling. “Over 30% of our site visits are from mobile devices. I can see the customers are interested in what we have to offer. Time on site is longer. They are diving deeper into what we have to offer.”

Perhaps more good news for Latrobe is how few dealers have yet to invest in responsive website design. Don draws the metaphor, “It’s just like a restaurant: if you’re not comfortable, you will leave. And while our site conforms to a mobile device, their sites are compacted. If it’s not user friendly, you won’t hang around.” But Don hasn’t sacrificed form for function. “Other dealers have sites that all look the same; ours is unique. We have our standard OEM site, but with our Dominion
Website, we are truly ourselves.”

“Dominion is very easy to work with,” offers Don. “They built what we wanted and the site went live on time. We looked at a lot of different options, and this is exactly what we were looking for – and we would do it again. Dominion is very competitive in the industry, and I’d highly recommend them.”

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