Mobile: Shaping How Consumers Engage with Dealerships

By: Peyton Hoffman, Director of Public Relations and Event Management

In our fast paced society, our mobile devices have become an extension of ourselves. People can do everything and anything from the palm of their hand and make sure nothing is missed on the go. We check our phones an average of 150 times a day to avoid missing an important email, text or call. Today, consumers turn to their mobile devices to not only check social media, but also to order food, browse retailers, and even research potential car options.

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These new mobile expectations have forced businesses to change the way they advertise. Websites made for large desktops are having to shrink their landscapes in order to fit on a tablet or smartphone. The goal is to get your dealership’s message across in the fewest words possible, without making shoppers scan multiple pages to find what they’re looking for. Ease of use is an important factor when consumers are researching possible purchases.

Over 40% of car shoppers are researching potential purchases on a mobile device.

The ability for dealerships to engage with shoppers on tablets and smartphones affects their ability to drive sales. Over 40% of car shoppers are researching potential purchases on a mobile device.1  It is vital for automotive dealerships to have their inventory, pricing and location displayed in a way that is engaging and easy to navigate. If a dealership has not taken mobile shoppers into consideration, their ability to bring shoppers to the dealership and drive sales is greatly affected.

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1. eMarketer, 2016