Visibility, Multiple Workflows Pay Big Dividends

Visibility, Multiple Workflows Pay Big Dividends

Molye Chevrolet knew it had a blind spot.

As Molye General Manager Chris McGrath related, the dealership had difficulty making sense of sales activity and customer engagement levels.

Vision CRM and its powerful artificial intelligence engine, Olivia, brought consistency to the Molye sales process and better aligned the team’s activities with the buying journeys of individual prospects.

Being one of the smaller dealerships in an already small town – the company is based in Honeoye Falls in upstate New York just south of Rochester – Molye was always looking for ways to better compete with area rivals.

McGrath joined Molye in January 2019 with a dozen years of dealership management experience under his belt.

What he quickly learned was that the dealership’s sales strategies and tactics were in many ways undefined, did not fit with customer buying patterns and behaviors, and were not optimized to achieve business growth. Customer engagement was often generic, unfocused, and too reliant on guesswork and manual processes.

“Previously, it was really not clear what individual salespeople were doing each day,” noted McGrath. “How good was the experience customers were having with the dealership? Was our sales team focused on converting conquest opportunities or sticking exclusively to the low hanging fruit of repeat customers? Are leads being followed-up on? We really did not have a full grasp on things.”

Vision CRM and Olivia changed this dynamic overnight.

Now McGrath and his team have multiple, tailored, and pro-active engagement workflows that align with customer communications preferences. What’s more, Olivia arms the team with continuously updated intelligence on each customer.

For example, Vision’s MyDay modules handle such tasks as placing opportunities into priority buckets and lead pools; developing customer communications scenarios and actions; surfacing the best customers to contact immediately based on an activity score; and highlighting forgotten contacts.

McGrath says the completeness of the Vision application environment, Olivia’s intelligence and data analysis capabilities, and the mobile-centric nature of the platform have made Vision a key strategic success tool.

Also critical has been the ability for McGrath’s team to escape their desks and go where customers actually are – whether in the showroom or out on the lot.

“Most of our sales consultants are in their 20’s and 30’s,” he explained. “Mobility isn’t a luxury for them. It must be standard equipment on the tools we provide them to do their jobs or they will go unused.”

It’s natural for dealership salespeople to go through rough patches at times. According to McGrath, Vision provides him with an ongoing team member “temperature check” of sorts that helps him be a better manager and coach.

“The visibility and intelligence I have now has paid off in identifying where my team is falling short, when they are doing so, why they are doing so, and how I can best assist them to stay focused and improve their skills.”

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