Your DMS only has a fraction of your market’s data. And only a fraction of that data is correct.
Luckily, ServiceActivator partners with the industry's best data provides, and Otto ensures your database
is filled with up-to-date contact information for every VIN in your market.

Forget the spreadsheets...

Otto uses complex data science algorithms to ensure each
VIN has the most accurate contact information.


In order to reach 100% of your market and eliminate wasteful marketing,
ServiceActivator corrects incorrect DMS data by:

  • Appending for National Change of Address
  • Adding preferred email address with Email Append
  • Verify ownership against VIN data


Expand Your Market with Data Sources only Otto can Access:

ServiceActivator allows you to effectively communicate with all the
VINs in your market by pulling in data from hundreds of sources including:

  • Sequential Owner
  • CarFax
  • Social Sites
  • CRM
  • Cross-Sell
  • Polk
  • Manufacturer
  • 3rd Party
  • MA_EnrollmentSiteMain-Pagev3_20

    Yes, you might be able to gather and input some of this data into your DMS manually…
    but who has time for that? And who would want to?

    It's time to put Otto to work for you! Get started below.

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