First and foremost, ServiceActivator works to drive your customers back to your dealership
for service, but sometimes despite our best efforts, customers refuse to come back to the dealership.
But what if you could still generate revenue from these lost souls?

Otto works 24/7 to build profitable relationships

wherever the profit opportunity lives.


Your dealership's Service Drive is not the only point of sale, even if
your DMS sees it that way. Otto ensures you generate revenue from current owners,
sequential owners, and independent repair facilities by assessing every VIN in your market.
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Maximize revenue generation with Otto.

Follow every VIN to the Point of Sale.


Otto tracks every VIN in your market and monitors their behavior.
He knows if the original owner or a sequential owner is servicing the vehicle at your
dealership or an independent repair facility. By following every VIN,
Otto ensures that you can capitalize on all types of revenue.

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