Five Ways to Make Your Vehicle Comments More Engaging

Five Ways to Make Your Vehicle Comments More Engaging

By: Shane Marcum, General Manager, Cross-Sell and Inventory Solutions 

When shopping for vehicles, consumers want access to all available information. But, the time it takes for dealers to gather information, verify it for accuracy, and put together an ad for every vehicle is time-intensive. Because of this, many dealers aren’t taking the time to properly merchandise their vehicles with accurate and compelling vehicle descriptions.  

So what makes a good vehicle ad?

Photos and videos are important elements to include. But, if you don’t include accurate and engaging comments, you’re not giving your vehicles the attention they deserve. Be as specific as you can. You are trying to drive interested car shoppers to visit your dealership for a test drive. Don’t withhold information that could sway them from adding your vehicle to their comparison set. 

Here are five ways to ensure your vehicle comments get noticed:  

Be unique.

Chances are, there are hundreds of similar vehicles in your market. What would make a car shopper consider your vehicle over a similar one across town? The more information you provide for online shoppers, the less chance you have that they will look elsewhere. Win the customer online first, and you’ll drive more qualified leads by having ads that match consumers’ searches.  If your vehicles are equipped with DVD players, AWD, leather seats, etc., be sure to include that in the descriptions.

Be relevant.

If a consumer is shopping for a particular vehicle with specific equipment, don’t disappoint them with listings that don’t match up. Be sure to include details of any incentives or remaining warranty. Value is a key consideration. Don’t lose the sale to your competitor across town because you didn’t convince the car shopper that you have the best deal. 

Add  value.

Let consumers know about any reconditioning work that’s been completed on the vehicle. This adds value to the vehicle for the consumer. Be sure to mention new tires, or a new transmission, for example.

Include safety features.

Crash test results and car industry reviews that help reinforce the vehicle’s safety are also important factors. Let the consumer know that their family’s safety is important to your dealership.

Use an automated vehicle comment generator.

It takes time to put all of these details into every vehicle listing. The hours of research to scour OEM websites and car review sites alone can be overwhelming.

This is where automated comment generators like Dominion StoryBuilder can help. Dominion StoryBuilder saves time and streamlines the process with artificial intelligence that weaves information specific to each vehicle into engaging, unique vehicle stories for car shoppers. It’s completely hands-free with stories that automatically rebuild to create fresh SEO content. Best of all, vehicles posted with Dominion StoryBuilder comments are proven to sell up to 34% faster.

Contact us at 877-421-1040 to learn how Dominion StoryBuilder can help you create better comments, engage car shoppers and sell more cars. 

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