A Detailed Look at Important Sales Center Features

A Detailed Look at Important Sales Center Features

By: John Hardacre, Product Manager

Dominion’s award-winning CRM, Sales Center is known for its ease of use. This blog details two of Sales Center’s simple, yet powerful, features . Bulk Scheduling allows for users to get important messages to their customer base as fast as possible and the Automatic Updates feature is customizable to ensure a user receives software updates on their terms. Updates can be done automatically upon release or a request can be made to have them installed later. Your CRM is a vital part of your dealership, make sure you understand it’s best features and options.

Check out this overview of Sales Center’s user friendly features.

Bulk Email and Bulk Call Scheduling

Use the Bulk Scheduling feature to quickly alert customers about a special offer, recall, or any other communication with a tight deadline. Within minutes, an action plan can be put in motion to get important information to your clients.

Using the bulk scheduling tool in Sales Center:

1. Perform a targeted Client Search in All Clients, hold down the shift key and select the desired clients.

2 After the clients are selected, if sending an email, simply click Email.

3. To schedule a phone call, select “Update.” This will allow the user to schedule a call for the salesperson, BDC Rep, BDC Queue, or a specific person.

4. Type in the date and time for the phone call to occur and the reason for the call. Upon selecting “Finish,” those calls will be scheduled.

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Sales Center Automatic Updates

Are you using the latest version of Sales Center? New product functionality is released around every 9 weeks. To get the most out of your CRM, it’s important to receive these critical updates. The Sales Center team’s focus is to provide a fast, yet simple solution that will help increase your dealership’s profitability. Each release also includes fixes to any frustrating software defects.

Software updates are customizable and flexible to the dealer’s needs. Dealers can choose to have their software updated to the newest release, the previous release, or the oldest supported release. This can all be done automatically. For instance, you may want to wait 3 weeks after the product is released to receive your update. Others may want the update the night it is released. Either way, our software support specialists can accommodate your request.

When talking to your support specialist, you can let them know who to notify when a software update is scheduled to occur or if a planned update needs to be rescheduled. Your support specialist will then add those email addresses into the automatic update system to ensure your team is well informed. If you are an existing Sales Center customer and would like to take advantage of these features, contact your support specialist at 877.337.4444 or send an email to support@drivedominion.com.

For more information about how Dominion’s Sales Center can increase your dealership’s efficiency, call 877.421.1040.

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