Dealer Checklist for eCommerce Success

Dealer Checklist for eCommerce Success

By: Shane Marcum, General Manager, Cross-Sell and Inventory Solutions 

Consumers currently in the market for their next vehicles are serious shoppers. They are active online and totally committed to finding the right vehicle at the right price. They expect to see multiple photos that accurately represent a vehicle and display unique features. According to PCG Research, 70% of car shoppers use multiple devices for online research and expect a seamless experience from one device to another. Additionally, 78% read online reviews before contacting a dealer.  

In order to connect with these digital consumers and provide the best car shopping experience, dealers need to focus their merchandising investment on tactics that will provide maximum ROI. Are dealers investing in the strategies that get vehicles noticed and connect with in-market car shoppers?

A review of any dealership’s investment in inventory merchandising, digital marketing and reputation management strategies uncovers areas where quick changes can drive measurable improvements.

Does a dealership invest in taking actual photos of all new and used vehicles that are on the lot? 74% of car shoppers expect actual photos of in-stock vehicles. Let them know the vehicle is actually in-stock and that the color and equipment match. How many photos are posted on VDPs? More than ¾ of new vehicle shoppers expect to see up to 20.

Are dealers including a walk-around video for every vehicle? Consumers love video and it can significantly influence the purchase decision. According to Forrester Research, video is the #1 format for driving car shopper consideration. Since many dealers are not making the investment to present inventory via this persuasive medium, dealers who do use video gain a strong competitive advantage.

What does the pricing strategy look like? Ensure that the resources are ready to determine the best market price. PCG Research reports that 64% of car shoppers don’t want to haggle over price. Be transparent; determine the best price and display it.

Here’s our recommended checklist to drive the best eCommerce success.

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