Friendship Chrysler notices success with LiveLot by Dealer Specialties

Friendship Chrysler notices success with LiveLot by Dealer Specialties

By Austin Norris, Marketing Content Specialist

Today’s car buyers make most of their decisions on where to buy and what to buy via internet research. When shoppers come to your dealership’s website, can they find what they’re looking for? More specifically, can they view videos of the cars on your lot? According to Animoto, 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. To ensure shoppers stay on your site and engage with your VDPs, videos are a must-have!  In fact, videos are expected — 84% of shoppers expect to see a vehicle video sometime during the buying process.

Friendship Chrysler added videos to their site with help from the LiveLot Loaded Video package and saw incredible results. The dealership increased total sales by 10% and also saw increases in unique visitors, VDP views, and in their show-to-close ratio.

See Friendship Chrysler’s results with LiveLot! – View the infographic.

Using LiveLot ™ from Dominion Dealer Specialties dealers are able to turn their inventory 7 days faster and have seen 350% increases in website leads. LiveLot gives you feature-rich videos and allows customers to experience your inventory like never before. Each video is customized with data, photos, and voice-overs to increase the informational and emotional value to potential buyers.

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