How To Choose a Software Based on Your Customer Service Expectations

By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing 

Customer Service – everyone discusses it and, while, most companies claim they do a good job, but in reality, it’s a difficult thing to deliver.

Automotive dealerships, like any business, must use various software tools to run their businesses. It’s impossible to handle the onslaught of business and marketing requirements without a business software — and specifically, internet-based software, often called SAAS (Software As A Service). There are numerous checklists to evaluate the type of software best suited to your dealership’s needs. But how do you evaluate the softer side of the offering- the training and ongoing customer service? Do you have a checklist for that? Perhaps the list below will help you make a decision on the ongoing, long-term support relationship necessary when choosing the software that your dealership needs.

At Dominion Dealer Solutions, we support thousands of dealers using our extensive software offerings. The product that requires the most in-depth customer support is our Dealer Management System (DMS) because it requires a significant implementation schedule. The customer service team that supports that product relies on a core philosophy that is more than a sound byte.

The philosophy is simple: Your Success is Our Success.

The philosophy is simple: Your Success is Our Success. Successful execution of that philosophy takes dedication and preparation. Each customer’s needs are different, so we have learned to adapt our services to accommodate a variety of needs — from a single rooftop to dealer groups and a wide range of OEM requirements. We have prepared a checklist to help determine what “good” should look like — and what your dealership might want from a SAAS vendor.

Download the Customer Service Evaluation Checklist.

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