Inside Look: Viable Vehicle Videos

Inside Look: Viable Vehicle Videos

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager

Earlier this year, the Dominion Dealer Specialties’ leadership group had their annual Leadership Summit in Tampa, FL. They spent three days training and collaborating with our product teams, industry experts, and executive leadership. One main focus of the summit swirled around vehicle videos and how to effectively shoot the vehicle for consumer validity.

Travis Blount, Dealer Specialties Franchise Owner and top-selling LiveLot™ video manager, took the stage to share his success with vehicle video shoots.

“If vehicle videos are branded with quality intros, they can easily replace costly TV ads.”

“Videos are an easy and inexpensive way of advertising for dealers. If vehicle videos are branded with quality intros, they can easily replace costly TV ads. That saves hundreds or even thousands of advertising dollars for our dealers,” Blount explained.

Brief custom intros and fully detailed features make these inventory videos a win-win for both the dealer and the car shopper – so why aren’t more dealers taking advantage of this simple merchandising tactic? Well, videos seem fairly easy to pull together; however, if they don’t meet shopper demands, they are worthless.

Blount shared his successful feature-driven video techniques with the group, and we’ve listed a few below to give an inside look into how our Dealer Specialties’ teams help dealers turn vehicles 7 days faster with LiveLot vehicle videos.

Perfect Match

Walk the vehicle, inside and out, at a steady pace allowing time for a narration of high-value features. If the video is showcasing the rear exterior, show off the hands-free liftgate and discuss how this feature will make the customer’s life easier. Shoppers might lose focus if a voice over mentions a hands-free liftgate while the video is showing the driver-side doors.

Wait… Backup

More than likely the navigational system in the car will be highlighted in a video, and especially in vehicle photos. But what about the backup camera? This is one huge feature that seems to be missed more often than not. So, turn the ignition, shift into reverse and show that backup camera in action! Stick to short intervals, you only need about two to three seconds to highlight the crisp quality of the backup screen.

The Money Shot

“This is where the buyer takes ownership,” Blount stated. “Put them in the driver seat with the steering wheel in their lap!” Scan through the front interior and land in the driver seat, with the steering wheel at center stage. This allows the car shopper to virtually put themselves in the vehicle and get a glimpse of how it would feel to be behind the wheel of a specific car.

Creating videos for every car on your lot is an excellent way to make your VDPs stand-out from your in-market competition. However, we know how time-consuming this can be. Our experts are on-hand to help, call 877.421.1040 to learn more about how LiveLot vehicle videos can speed up your inventory turn today!

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