Interactive Photos Drive Consumer Engagement

Interactive Photos Drive Consumer Engagement

By: Shane Marcum, General Manager, Cross-Sell and Inventory Solution

As automotive franchise or independent dealers, you know that interactive content drives consumer engagement. By definition, interactive content is any user experience that has an interactive element, enabling the user to participate in the content and discover useful information. Providing this content helps today’s auto dealerships move new and used vehicles off the lot much faster. Interactive content also helps automotive dealers discover specific consumer insights regarding which vehicles to stock and which features car buyers spend the most time viewing online.

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Your retail automotive dealership can provide interactive content by incorporating 360° walkarounds of the latest new and used vehicles for sale. Consumers actively control the viewing experience while franchise or independent auto dealers provide them with another way to engage with these vehicles. Car shoppers click on photo hotspots to discover additional details about each vehicle of interest. While this benefits the automotive consumer, it also benefits dealerships. As an automotive dealer, this method keeps consumers on your dealership’s website longer and tracks car buyer interaction. The more time online car shoppers spend interacting with vehicles, the more time dealerships have to retain their consideration.

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