MarketINTEL: Get More Out of Your Data

MarketINTEL: Get More Out of Your Data

By: Danielle Longenecker, Product Marketing Manager
Available quarterly, MarketINTEL Reports deliver extremely accurate market intelligence for a defined location. These reports enable you to pinpoint and understand the automotive trends impacting your market. The reports can be overwhelming and you may lose sight on what to look for. Outlined below are a few areas to keep an eye on when you receive your quarterly MarketINTEL reports.

Market Overview

This section of the report helps you understand your market and where the market is growing. It also helps to identify competitors who may be gaining market share. The data will allow you to measure your sales against the market and give you a better idea of where to direct your advertising efforts.

TIP: Pay close attention to the zip codes with increasing sales month over month, you may be able to identify a growing area of focus early on and direct your advertising towards it.

Within the Market Overview, you can also get an idea of how your brand fits within the market and which makes are gaining ground.

Dealer Overview

The Dealer Overview report gives you the ability to see your sales, by zip code, over a 6-month period. Using the Gain-Loss Market Report, you can easily identify zip codes with declining sales to help adjust your marketing strategies to better meet market demands.

TIP: Compare your top zip codes with those of the overall market to determine areas of opportunity. In addition, look at your monthly sales by zip code. Are you seeing a return on your advertising in key zip codes?

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Segment/Model Overview

Within this report you can pinpoint movements in segment popularity to ensure your dealership always carries the correct inventory, advertises the right vehicles, and takes full advantage of upward shifts in the market.

Zip Code Overview

Get a detailed analysis of the top 15 zip codes in your market with the Zip Code Overview report. Determine the exact makes and models that are selling best in each individual zip code to make sure you stock the proper inventory. Determine who your true competitors are within the top zip codes.

TIP: Look at the total sales in a given zip code and compare with the zip code’s total households to determine market penetration and better focus advertising dollars.

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