Reason #5: Pinpoint Shoppers with Programmatic Marketing

Reason #5: Pinpoint Shoppers with Programmatic Marketing

Consumers today are not only embracing online video, but mobile video. Demand for video impressions is going up, but the market is short on quality supply. To capitalize on these constantly connected, multi-device car buyers, programmatic media buying is gaining steam. The result? An influx of mobile video advertising.

Programmatic marketing is defined as automated bidding on advertising space in real time, for the opportunity to show an ad to a specific customer, in a specific context.

You’re probably thinking, “that’s just another one of those buzzwords that sounds important, but doesn’t have any relevance to my business.” Wrong. A simplified example of programmatic media buying is the use of ad networks like Google AdWords, which are powered by algorithms, to serve highly targeted ads at viewers. It’s an automated way to make media buying decisions so that the right ad appears to the right person at the right time.

Programmatic has been around a while now, so people are getting more comfortable with it,” said Maxwell Knight, vice president of marketing science services at Turn. “Now everybody is getting their hands into programmatic (marketing). People servicing the automotive industry, like agencies and media services companies, have gotten more adept at running different tiers of auto business in the programmatic space.”

The Magna Global Programmatic Intelligence report estimates that by 2019 programmatic marketing will account for 50% of all advertising, proving that this type of marketing is growing.

The ability to identify a specific car shopper and target specific vehicles relevant to their searches from your website, is a game changer for dealers. On average, online shoppers are visiting 10 automotive websites during their car buying journey. Programmatic advertising gives dealers the advantage to stand out among those other 9-10 sites that may simply re-targeting shoppers.

In addition, it’s understood that video marketing is quickly becoming the go-to advertising medium. Combine video marketing with programmatic advertising and dealers have a way to create interactive videos that can help them to generate leads, drive brand awareness and boost engagement.

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